To democratize the existing financial system, build sustainable products, and develop exceptional user experiences on top of Solana’s distinct network architecture.

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Our Mission

Frustrated by the staggering barriers to entry in traditional finance markets, the PsyFi team turned to DeFi, where transparency rules and financial opportunity is open to all. With the unique tools we found with Solana, the team created a platform that had the power to offer users transparent and stable returns — without the risks attached to inflationary tokenomics.

PsyFi was started out of the necessity to provide a platform that generated accessible sustainable yield

Evolution of the Product

PsyFi is a product built on PsyOptions, the underlying options infrastructure of Solana. Since 2020, we’ve established ourselves as one of the foremost innovators in the DeFi ecosystem by acquiring and building a constantly growing slate of new products. Here’s a snapshot of our evolution:

Dec 2020

Denied API access trying to automate options strategy in equity markets.

Mar 2021

Serum x Solana hackathon winner, building a physically settled, American-style options protocol.

Aug 2021

Launched options trading on Serum.

Sept 2021

Raised $3.5M seed round.

Jan 2022

Raised $8.3M private round.

Jan 2022

Acquired TapFinance (now PsyFi) to lead structured products in the space.

Jan 2022

Launched PSY governance token

Mar 2022

Launched Version 2 of PsyFinance

Jan 2023

Launched PsyLend

Meet the Team

Our core contributors to PsyFi and the PsyDAO.

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