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The premier option infrastructure and vaults on Solana

$1B+ Notional Volume

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Know Your Risks. Grow Your Assets

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Invest according to your risk and reward goals with PsyFi's on-chain decentralized options vaults.

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Lend against locked liquidity to earn even more on your positions.

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Try an automated trading strategy to minimize hassle while maximizing returns.

The PsyFi Ecosystem

Earn, borrow and lend on PsyFi, trade with SDX, and build with Armada. Open and accessible financial products tailored to fit all investors.


Know your risks and returns upfront. Transparent Decentralized Option Vaults with sustainable, best-in-class APYs

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Option strategy vaults designed to generate sustainable yields for all investor types & risk appetites

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Trade Decentralized Options on Solana's Only Option AMM

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Armada provides projects with end-to-end tooling to help streamline Token Launch Token, Liquidity Governance and Tokenomics

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Build With PsyFi


Help shape PsyFi’s future by submitting proposals, taking part in votes, and offering feedback on our progress. Join community discussions on social media and forums to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and to learn how you can contribute to the growth of DeFi on Solana.

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PsyFi is a community-run ecosystem of financial products and tools managed by the PsyFi DAO. PSY token holders govern the smart contracts and fees they generate.

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