December 4, 2023

November was marked by remarkable achievements: a significant 326% growth in our DAO Treasury, primarily driven by $PSY's stellar performance; the much-anticipated launch of SDX on Solana; and the exciting integration of Bonk with Armada, enhancing community-driven governance and utility.

DAO Treasury Growth and Vault Performance

PsyFi DAO’s treasury saw a sharp increase in growth in November, mainly attributed by $PSY, which gained 540.5% in the past month.

DAO Treasury: $9,141,083 (+326.83% MoM)

  1. USDC: 686,168.684 ($686,168) (+0.02% MoM)
  2. HXRO: 2,060,496 ($280,158) (+9.37% MoM)
  3. scnSOL: 172.443 ($11,977) (+36.89% MoM)

Vault Performance: Monthly Overview

  • BTC Secured Put Vault

Premiums earned: 1,930.43USDC (+6.5% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): 3.78% APY

  • SOL Covered Call Vault

Premiums earned: 16.06‬‬ SOL (-40.25% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): -13.29% APY

  • SOL Secured Put

Premiums earned: 89.18‬ USDC (-28.86% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): 7.62% APY

  • ETH Covered Call

Premiums earned: 0.08 ETH (no change MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): -3.47% APY

SDX is LIVE: Options are back on Solana!

A few days ago, we launched Solana Derivatives Exchange (SDX) — the new home for options trading on Solana.

Prior to launching, we’re also proud to share that both open interest and 24 hour volumes surpassed $200,000 on private mainnet.

Key Highlights of SDX:

  • SDX introduces an innovative AMM design, enabling the trading of options, including long tail assets, without relying on traditional market makers.
  • Our first option market features mSOL, in collaboration with Marinade Finance, allowing users to amplify their staking yields through trading or liquidity provision on SDX.
  • Traders can explore a range of options, from calls and puts to diverse spread strategies, all fully collateralized and cash-settled.

Start trading: https://sdx.markets/trade
Join the conversation: https://t.me/sdx_markets

Bonk joins the Armada fleet!

We’re also thrilled to highlight the integration of Bonk with Armada, a partnership that's sparking excitement in the Bonk community. This collaboration is more than just a technical alliance; it's about reshaping the utility of the Bonk token and empowering the community.

Here's how this collaboration is transforming the Bonk experience:

  1. Active Engagement through Armada's Staking: Bonk is leveraging Armada's staking mechanisms to shift away from mere token holding. This allows Bonk token holders to actively participate in governance, fostering a deeper connection with their assets and the decisions that shape the Bonk ecosystem.
  2. Empowering the Community: The integration extends beyond the Bonk DAO, empowering the broader community to make significant decisions. This includes directing Bonk rewards and influencing the application of protocols developed by Bonk contributors.
  3. Utility-Based Token Transformation: In line with Solana's ethos, Bonk is evolving from a meme-centric token to one of substantial utility. By collaborating with Armada, the community gains control over the allocation of fees generated from Bonk's diverse protocols.
  4. Optimizing Value Flow with DeMUX Protocol: Bonk's integration with Armada's DeMUX protocol automates and streamlines the distribution of protocol revenues. This crucial development not only enhances the efficiency of value flow within the Bonk ecosystem but also embodies the core principles of DeFi.

The integration of Bonk with Armada is a step towards activating the full potential of community-driven governance and utility in the Solana ecosystem. It's about giving power back to the community to shape the future of Bonk and contribute to the vibrancy of DeFi.

What can you help with?

1. Know teams on Solana that are thinking about launching a token or diving deeper into tokenomics? Feel free to reach out to us here.

2. Buy some call options: SDX is live. What are you waiting for? Buy or sell mSOL options here.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/PsyOptions
Discord: https://discord.gg/eVG2Tw2uGe