September 4, 2023

With August drawn to a close, we find ourselves pausing to reflect on yet another month filled with significant strides and accomplishments. Thanks to our strategic partnership and milestone completions, our treasury has been bolstered with an infusion of HXRO tokens, marking a pivotal moment in our collaboration. Let’s dive in.

DAO Treasury Growth and Vault Performance

The turbulence in the crypto markets intensified in August, leading to drawdowns in many of our option-selling vaults. Recognizing the inherent risks of volatility, we persist in broadening our organization's portfolio.

DAO Treasury: $3,350,127 (+14.65% MoM)

  1. USDC: 685,481.674 ($685,482) (+0.04% MoM)
  2. HXRO: 2,060,496 ($305,634)
  3. scnSOL: 172.437 ($4,009) (+7.18% MoM)

Vault Performance: Monthly Overview

  • BTC Secured Put Vault

Premiums earned: 2,447.15 USDC (-14.09% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): -12.53% APY

  • SOL Covered Call Vault

Premiums earned: 22.7 SOL (-27.61% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): -33.91% APY

  • SOL Secured Put

Premiums earned: 109.66 USDC (-43.65% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): 6.95% APY

  • ETH Covered Call

Premiums earned: 0.08 ETH (-11.11% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): 0.90% APY


In response to the growing demand for advanced tokenization solutions in the Solana ecosystem, we present Armada. From launching tokens, to improving on-chain liquidity, and providing novel tokenomics primitives, Armada will be foundational for the Solana DeFi 2.0 narrative.

Key Features of the Armada Suite

Armada Auction LBC

A cutting-edge liquidity bootstrapping mechanism geared towards cultivating sustainable token-based communities.

Armada Concentrated Liquidity Market Making (aka CLMM)

Bringing non-custodial institutional market making on-chain.

DAOs and users will be able to delegate tokens to an institutional market maker that will actively manage positions in concentrated liquidity pools (CLPs or “v3” pools). The team has been actively forward testing and during the August volatility, we’ve seen higher returns than any other yield protocol on Solana.


We’re bringing options back to Solana!

SDX (Solana Derivatives Exchange) is setting a precedent in the DeFi world with its innovative approach to crypto options trading.

If you missed it, here’s what SDX offers:

  • Fully-collateralized, cash-settled European options (calls, puts, and vertical spreads)
  • AMM, so liquidity is bootstrapped without market makers
  • Comprehensive volatility surface quoting allowing for long tail assets
  • Automated rebalancing to maintain a balance of LP greeks.
  • Seamless trading interface

A New Era for PsyFi DAO and $PSY

At its core, $PSY Reloaded is not just a tweak but a total metamorphosis of the PSY Token and its value accrual strategies. Here's a sneak peek of proposals and changes to come:

  • Reload Phase I: Accelerate early investor vesting to remove token overhang
  • Reload Phase II: Launch $PSY weighted staking and use sPSY as governance token
  • Reload Phase III: Dynamic value accrual to stakers and DAO using DeMUX for automated and efficient value distribution


If you're a team on @solana thinking about launching a token or diving deeper into tokenomics, drop us a DM!

Alternatively, if you're interested in testing @SDX_markets out on DevNet, reach out to us!


Earn, borrow and lend: https://www.psyfi.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PsyOptions
Discord: https://discord.gg/eVG2Tw2uGe