February 7, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that PsyFi is deepening its longstanding partnership with Pyth and has been awarded Pyth tokens to contribute to the Pyth network. PsyFi has been working with Pyth since its inception due to their unprecedented coverage and reliability of price feed data on Solana. 

Since accurate price feeds are so important in option settlement, it is very important that PsyFi works with a partner who values performance and accuracy as much as we do. Not only does Pyth surpass expectations on the tech side, but the Pyth team has been supporting the PsyFi DAO with mentorship and marketing from Day 1.

PsyFi couldn't be where it is today without Pyth and we are excited to be deepening our relationship with them. 

PsyFi will use the allocated Pyth tokens to contribute to the Pyth DAO and represent the needs of option infrastructure providers in any relevant governance decisions. 

What’s in the Future of PsyFi and Pyth

PysFi will continue to build new products utilizing Pyth’s price feeds and expand its asset selection on PsyVaults and PsyLend. Be on special lookout as PsyFi is launching PsyFi 2.0: PSY Reloaded within the coming weeks. PSY Reloaded is a complete revamp of the PSY token comics that will add PSY staking and the ability for stakers to choose where protocol fee streams are directed. 

Stay connected with PsyFi and Pyth below:

PsyFi: https://PsyFi.io

PsyFi Twitter: https://x.com/psyoptions

Pyth: https://pyth.network

Pyth Twitter: https://x.com/PythNetwork