January 8, 2024

With 2024 well underway, let’s take a quick look at how our 2023 went, starting with PsyFi DAO’s treasury growth in December.

DAO Treasury Growth and Vault Performance

DAO Treasury: $7,310,649 (-20.02% MoM)

  1. USDC: 686,627.185 ($686,627) (+0.06% MoM)
  2. HXRO: 2,060,496 ($256,088) (-8.59% MoM)
  3. scnSOL: 172.456 ($21,742) (+81.53% MoM)

Vault Performance: Monthly Overview

  • BTC Secured Put Vault

Premiums earned: 1,746.73 USDC (-9.56% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): 3.70% APY

  • SOL Covered Call Vault

Premiums earned: 16.94 SOL (+5.47% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): -14.50% APY

  • SOL Secured Put

Premiums earned: 106.92 USDC (+19.89% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): 6.65% APY

  • ETH Covered Call

Premiums earned: 0.11 ETH (+37.50% MoM)

Historical performance (3 months): -2.40% APY

PsyFi’s Year in Review

As we step into the new year, it's time to reflect on PsyFi's journey over the past twelve months. From bringing options back to Solana to introducing utility to Solana’s largest memecoin, here are the key moments that defined our 2023.

SDX Markets

Mainnet Launch: SDX successfully launched on Solana, re-introducing options to the ecosystem. This move was further highlighted by the introduction of $mSOL, a liquid staked token, as our first options market, showcasing our commitment to innovation and versatility in the DeFi space.

Milestones: Since launch on November 29th 2023, we are proud to share that SDX has achieved:

  • $2.3 million cumulative volume traded
  • 700+ cumulative trades
  • 160+ traders
  • $3.5k in protocol fees earned
  • 87% average fee APY

And just recently, SDX hit a record $450,000+ in 24 hour volume.

Start trading: https://sdx.markets/trade
Join the conversation: https://t.me/sdx_markets


Innovative Token Launch Mechanisms: Throughout the year, Armada has been at the forefront of revolutionizing token launches on Solana with its equitable and customizable distribution methods.

Armada 🤝 Bonk: The integration with Bonk, as well as successful launches for projects like Flowmatic and Cypher, showcased Armada's ability to adapt its tools to a diverse range of project needs, enhancing their tokenomics and governance structures.

Governance and Utility Enhancement: Armada's development has been pivotal in providing projects within the Solana ecosystem with sophisticated tools for governance and token utility, contributing significantly to the ecosystem's growth and maturity.

PSY Reloaded

The accelerated vesting of PSY tokens was a key step in this phase, ensuring that our committed and long-term investors remain integral to our community. This strategic move has been pivotal in aligning everyone's interests with the sustainable growth of our ecosystem.

Moving into Reload Phase II, we're introducing an exciting opportunity for $PSY holders. Get ready to stake your $PSY and start earning rewards directly from protocol activities!

What's more, you'll have the chance to boost your rewards and amplify your voting power by locking in your tokens.

We're also excited to share that our staking program has undergone a thorough audit and has come back clean. The next step in Phase II is to upgrade our governance infrastructure, laying the

groundwork for a more robust and participatory future in our ecosystem.

PSY Reloaded Phase II is coming.

What can you help with?

  1. Know teams on Solana that are thinking about launching a token or diving deeper into tokenomics? Feel free to reach out to us here.
  2. Trade DeFi options: SDX is live. What are you waiting for? Buy or sell mSOL options here.



Earn, borrow and lend: https://www.psyfi.io/
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Kickstart your token lifecycle: https://app.armadafi.so/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArmadaFi
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Trade DeFi options: https://sdx.markets/trade
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SDX_markets
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